I am tickled you found me!

I am Jen Cuba. I keep a low profile so my clients can find appointments with me. 

This is why you don't see me marketing here, or on social media.

New clients are always welcome!

Let's discuss your goals, expectations, and past disappointments. 

I am thrilled to meet you where you are, with honesty and communication.

Your palette is my best advertisement, so outcome is important to the both of us!

 I am also an esthetics instructor and have been mastering the craft of eyelash extensions since 2008.

While so many charge so much, I morally don't feel that something so short lived, should cost so much. Therefore, my clients can afford to maintain such a happy luxury.

There is art to judgement, placement, accuracy, and styles, when it comes to eyelash extensions. Let's see what works for YOU!