Classic Eyelash Extensions

1 hour

This fills most lashes.

Great for 1st timers too!

should fill most lashes. if you need more, you can book more time sooner.


1/2 hour

optional to fill, or to try!


1 1/2 hour eyelashes

If you have thick natural

lashes, and want a thick 

dramatic fill, book this time.

105 .00


Threading or Waxing 15 min

I'm also busy doing eyelash    extensions, so I'm not 

available for walk-in's. 


Both brow & lip thread/wax

for my current clients


Full Face Wax/Thread

for my current clients


Eyebrow Tint 15 min

Enhance your brows with 

color. For fair colored hair. 

Not to be confused with tattoo.


Lash Tint 15 min

Turns light colored eyelashes, black.


Both lash and brow tint

(1/2 hour)

for my current clients


Book Online by clicking 

>Coconut Calendar<

To keep pricing low, I am only accepting 




Cash App, 


(no Credit cards)

*NO SHOW's will result in a full charge of appointments booked.

Last minute cancellations within 3 hrs will be charged half price.


It's just me! I'm also busy doing eyelash extensions, so I'm not available for walk-in's. 

I promise to be gentle and conservative on your eyebrows~

If they need reshaping, we will talk about options, and take baby steps if need be. Threading is great on sensitive skin. Give it a try if you haven't yet!

Eyelash Extensions

There are several varieties of lash extensions. I am doing singles, classic, or "traditional" extensions. I am not doing volume, 3D, or Russian, lashes.

Nail salons tend to use tabs, clusters, or flares, with about 5 pieces per eye, done in about 20 minutes. I am not doing those.

With new glue on your extensions, avoid water on your eyes for 24-48 hours. Extensions are not good if you are an eye rubber, or prone to allergies. We need eyelash hairs to apply to, so if you are missing eyelashes, we may not be able to apply extensions, or they may not look good if we try.

Your eyelashes shed like your hair sheds, so with time you will lose extensions as well. Every 3 weeks may be a good rule of thumb to get your lashes filled in, so with good care, we shouldn't need as much time.

You should not use mascara on your extensions, because removing your makeup can be damaging to the extensions and your natural lashes.